i just tried to say ‘wow’ and ‘holy cow’ at the same time and it came out as ‘wow cow’

Anonymous said: you are so gorgeous you remind me of a victoria's secret model and you look really pretty with wet hair (srry if that sounds weird) but you look like extra cute

i just took a screenshot of this to look at when i’m sad wow friend thank you so much i’m smiling rn :)) That is a crazy awesome compliment like I’m such a wannabe VS angel haha

Anonymous said: quick how do you respond to “idk if you’ll let me hold your hand in the theatre but I’d like too ☺️” ??¿¿¿?!

OMG sorry this wasn’t quick I was sleeping friend!!! Did you already reply? And if not, the question is, do u want him to hold ur hand?

had a dream I saw harry in a parking lot in new york city and he was like “come on guys no pictures please”and he looked really stressed and upset and he was wearing a pink hawaiian print shirt with bananas all over it and I walked up and I was like “listen dude I know you’ve had a tough week, I heard about your kidney surgery, but you just need to chill okay? You’re going to be fine. Also you have pretty eyes” and then I walked away…that is literally what I said. Verbatim.

oh my god my concert is coming up and i don’t have anything to wear

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reblog if capitalism ruined ur chill aesthetic

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i have had the worst migraine for like 3 days and every time I think it’s gone it just comes back


This is my legacy


this is dedicated to the dumb hipster boy who made me cry


Finale wedding gown at Ralph & Russo Haute Couture Fall 2014

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i want to take polaroids with harry