Harry riding his motorcycle in Brentwood. July 22, 2014Ā 

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ok good night for real this time maybe i’ll dream about harry running me over who know s

ok now im actually about to go to bed but listen about the cat lady thing„ im actually so serious because most guys think im intimidating for some reason and i make really bad puns and i don’t have any relatable hobbies besides reading and traveling I guess?? and like…what if I’m eternally single..what if that actually happens

he could hit me with that motorcycle and i wouldn’t even care

i’m going to be a 40 year old cat lady still chasing after harry styles

harry is so cute and it’s not even like conventionally attractive he just has this vibe i don’t understand it and i’m kind of scared that i’m never going to get over it

Harry riding his motorcycle in Brentwood - July 22, 2014Ā 

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watch niall tweet 7 long sentimental paragraphs about their 4th anniversary and harry just be like ā€œ4ā€

You have within you more love than you could ever understand. —Rumi (via feellng)

good night friends

Anonymous said: u r so pretty omg r u a model

aw thanks pal!! and no i wish haha

Anonymous said: you tell em, mikaila!! sorry to hear about the bullying you went through, but you are definitely strong enough to be proud of who you are and, like you said, be whoever you want to be! i'm cheering you on <3

thank you very much friend i appreciate this. love u x


no mom iā€™m not taking selfies again

Anonymous said: Your pictures labeled "favorite place in the world," were they taken in Panama City?

hello friend! and no they were taken at navarre beach :)

we were driving around the island tonight and i came up with an island teenage harry AU in my head and i thought I was going to pass out